Monday, 4 April 2016


The greatest pleasure in travelling being the people you meet, those who are really part of that world, giving you a piece of belonging and community when you've willingly cut yourself off for a few days, a week or more.  You see part of their life, local customers and friends passing by, given a hug and words of welcome, the cafe the frame and the conversations as stitching in the community fabric or tapestry.
Café, restaurant, bar staff work long hours or balance commitment to family and customers.
Perhaps this is more so in some cultures such as in Southern Europe or the Mediterranean coast.
We felt that in Alicante and now in Valencia too, in a cosy and smart Tapas bar, in a side-street Latino café,  with simple and tastier chile or fajitas than a chain Tex Mex in a chain-recipe flat-pack in an artificial eating mall typical of many cities.

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