Saturday, 8 December 2012

Music in Birmingham

Some great new and not so new venues for different kinds of music to suit various tastes. Admittedly, I'm not into ecstasy-fuelled raves, so nothing about those here.
However: great to see that the Red Lion Folk Club is still going strong - see their website for programme details.
It always seems to bring out the best in performers, and you have a chance to see up and coming acts as well as seasoned pros.

The Ort Café is in an unlikely looking building in the sadly rather run down part of Balsall Heath along the Moseley Road.
There's a great atmosphere inside though, set up as a café in the day and music and informal language class venue in the evenings!
Quite apart from the delicious homemade mince pies and the range of quality bottled beers (Ubu, Veltins - becoming standard in cafés and pubs in Brum) the studio room style venue is great for small bands. Yesterday was a jazz gig by a group of ex-students from Birmingham Conservatoire, and hey, they were good! Claimed not to have played together in that lineup before, but it didn't sound like it! Tremendous energy and skilful playing.
Tobie Carpenter Sextet

Café details at their website.

Last but not least, the new Bramall Music building at Birmingham University offers more opportunities for high quality performances, for classical musicians, some from the University and other guests such as Ex Cathedra.
Beautifully fitted out and a great addition to the music landscape of Brum.
Saw male and female voice choirs from the University there the other week, just before the official opening. Simon Halsey conducting as has a position at the School of Music.