Friday, 25 March 2016


It feels like gorging on light after the Winter.
Monet and the lilies and late scenes awash into almost abstraction.  A real find of Spanish painters Rusiñol and Sorrollo, with clay or terracotta colours of buildings and deep red light even in a green garden.  Pissarro and English suburbs or villages in snow or subtle sun.  
Scenes recreated for their beauty, artists absorbed in what they see, love of light and landscape and flowers and being absorbed and taken into a richer world by taking in the world.  
Bonnard with a reclining model resting in the garden against a backdrop of trees and shrubs or a low break before fields to a village and gentle hills. Sleepy outlook. Not the usual Bonnards, a broader sensuousness of nature.
A cool getting warmer sunny day in London, washing the South Bank concrete and colouring the covered food stalls behind with multiple offerings and smooth coffee with an earnest conversation about indies and chains behind me.
Royal Academy exhibition in London: Painting the Modern Garden. .
March 2016.