Monday, 27 February 2012

Winter walks

Malvern Hills ...and sunshine on the honey coloured stone of Oxford colleges...

Friday, 24 February 2012

Malvern meetings

Went into Malvern Priory today and met a genuinely friendly meeter and greet we were happy to be met and greeted by :)
He told us about the Norman and later stone of the Priory, pointed later on to the mason's marks in the pillars - only paid once the stones were in place, they left their mark as evidence, a kind of invoice - and about the unusual status of this and other 'major churches'. Not cathedrals, but after Henry VIII independent of the diocese and responsible to Westminster Abbey directly.
Our meeter then chatted to us in very good German when he found out that my wife's from Germany (he asked whereabouts) and I could speak it too.
A few more friendly details about the staff and the Priory and one or two questions, and he left us with a cheery smile and went to talk to the lady in the shop who was from Hamburg!
Super lady in the tea room after as well, retired Head Teacher chatting to us and asking which hotel we were staying in ("Malvern Spa Hotel, that is posh!" with a smile, and telling us that she's not allowed to work on the tills as they have a retired bank manager to do that! )
Shows how much benefit the lived of retired people, their experiences and interest, can bring to others.
Please keep on meeting and greeting and cheering up people escaping from their day-to-day city lives.

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Back online

Reloaded blogger and testing now after a walk in the park.