Monday, 22 August 2011

On a visit

 On a visit to Compton Verney, near Stratford, for exhibitions on Stanley Spencer (garden paintings) and Capability Brown (garden designs).  Stanley S. impressed the most, but the strange display in the grounds was certainly unusual ... :) (Anyone remember the cult TV series "The Village" ?!).  Website for more...

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Hungarian Photographers

Eyewitness: Hungarian photography in the 20th Century.
Royal Academy Exhibitions page

Haunting images of earlier lifestyles in the countryside, pictures of war by Robert Capa, photo-realism during the restrictions of the Communist era.
Shows the power of black-and-white images, we came out of this feeling a strong impression had been made on us.

I hope the current Hungarian government, who sponsored the exhibition, can be prevented from continuing to restrict liberties in the way that recent reports suggest they have been doing (eg: Amnesty International (UK) pages ).

Other World in the Library

The British Library has a display of science fiction and similar works through the ages - see BL What's on page - Out of this World. Intriguing to see how writers have imagined the future: utopia, dystopia, our problems solved or apocalypse now.
Free too, so go along and see it!