Saturday, 4 January 2014

London town

Managed two and a bit days in London between Christmas and New Year, with requisite museum and gallery visits, this time the wonderful exhibition of Columbian gold and other artefacts at the British Museum - El Dorado - - see museum web pages for details -.
The smaller upstairs exhibitions at the BM I personally prefer to those in the larger space downstairs, more personal and less threadbare at the edges than the boarding tends to be on the ground floor.

The British Library has another well-presented, informative but not overwhelming presentation - they always seem to get just the right balance of education, challenge and attractive layout, using extensive, developing a theme of how a period in history is relevant to the modern day - commerce and inequality, coffee, politics and satire, and Birmingham at the centre of the canal network and manufacturing (honest, though perhaps the manufacturing isn't so true any more, sadly ... ).
British Library - Georgians Revealed, on till March 2014.

Finally, on to the Royal Academy and the posh new members' cafe ;-) , now extended, with entertainment from the members and always enjoyable exhibitions, this time Honore Daumier works in 'Visions of Paris". Social realism and technical quality which apparently influenced many other better-known artists.

Location:London from Birmingham

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