Sunday, 22 September 2013

Friendly Alicante

Whether it's Alicante, the Mediterranean in general, a sunny country, but there was a natural friendliness amongst people we came across in cafés and bars particularly.

We chatted a bit in very limited Spanish (ours) and much better English (the young owner or owner's son) and felt we made a bit of a bond with the family running the local café where we had breakfast, and watched the football on our last night :). They made sure they knew when we were leaving and gave us a friendly greeting and farewell.

This was even without knowing names - apart from the younger man's wife's name which is part of the café title - and without formal introductions in British or German style ;-) (this would never happen in a German café, I think ;)).

It was very touching, natural and really made the holiday.

Location:Back in Birmingham from Alicante

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