Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Art, Folk, Estate, a Park

Had a rewarding weekend catching up on culture with landscapes and folk art at Compton Verney and folk music in Moseley.

Compton Verney has simple but grandly fronted houses which would otherwise belong to a National Trust portfolio, with grands landscaped by the designer-to-the-gentry Capability Brown.

The permanent collections range from paintings of the Bay of Naples, German portraits and Chinese ceramics and figures of horses and riders, through to wonderful folk art from Britain, outsized sheep and cattle, a toothache sufferer having his tooth pulled by s friend with a piece of string, and tools or signs hung from the ceiling, and many other paintings and objects.

Moseley Folk is now established on the festival circuit at the end of August going into September, with big name acts from past and present and plenty of room for up-and-coming artists.
Sometimes it goes so far into the pop/rock mainstream it seems to lose touch with folk, but Sunday this year was definitely folk, starting with accordionist and former Poozie Karen Tweed, taking in Be Good Tanyas, ending with the former Dubliners the Dublin Legends (we'd gone home by then I'm afraid) but already highlighting Kate Rusbie and her band.
Of course, as with Compton Verney, the lovely setting, in this case Moseley's normally private park, is part of the appeal and with a sunny afternoon catching trees, grass and pond then sitting amongst other festival-goers near bead, ale and coffee stalls is really very satisfying, although an Autumnal chill crept in later.

Location:Compton Verney, Moseley Park

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