Monday, 12 August 2013

Going local

Stirchley isn't a prepossessing place, but it has useful shops scattered along the scythe way of the Pershore Road. A Gent's barber, a clothes alteration shop, as well as DIY places, builders merchants and grocers.
I always tended to get on the bus or train out of the place, but as I live here and since I've done some shifts at the Stirchley Stores, I've become more aware of what's just about on my doorstep.
A bit like Birmingham itself has been over the years, having to work away without the appeal that other cities have, although the makeovers of recent years have certainly helped.
So I actually used the barber's over the road at the weekend, instead of going to Harborne or King's Norton as before (where I used to live), and the expert ladies at the alterations shop have saved two pairs of trousers and a jacket from the recycling bins for me.
Go local, it's worth it, discover what's around you and not just further away.
If you're interested in becoming a member of the Stirchley Stores and helping out, go to Join on the website.

Location:Stirchley, Birmingham

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