Wednesday, 2 January 2013


A mad rush of people crushing on the tubes, and queuing in the rain for an exhibition at the Natural History Museum, but it's still worth visiting the capital.
Saw: Viennese concert at St Martin's in the Fields, one of the best smaller venues, excellent acoustics and an appreciative audience.
Museum of London Docklands for a feel of how people lived and worked, not just political leaders.
Royal Academy's reliable exhibition of English landscapes.
The Wildlife Photographer of the Year at the Nat Hist, not so busy as the rest of the museum with so many families on a wet holiday day!
The British Library, now near King's Cross and Euston, manages to feel like a secluded corner and nicely removed from the hustle and bustle just outside. An exhibition of illustrations and books from Mughal India this time.
St Paul's Cathedral's stunning roof decoration, even though the sound got lost in the expanse of some poor acoustics.  God in the midst of mammon in the city, or where God and mammon meet to pray?

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