Saturday, 5 January 2013

London passing

The manypeopled mass merging dissipating colliding halting wondering what to do next or where to go or not to go anywhere at all!
The homeless man who comes asking if he can have those chips you left from your pub meal.
Waiting in the station café franchise outlet plenty of time better that way because it'd be a hectic rush otherwise and worse much worse you'd be in trouble with your other half!
For all the variety and possibilities, there really are simply too many people in London. But then, how would it be in Tokyo, Beijing (or one of the new Chinese megacities), Rio, Mexico City et al?
As we all rush past and into each other and some survive, others don't, some keep going and others burn out, and all must come to an end sometime, then it's fair to ask, what is it all about?
A swelling gene pool, interactions, groups and couples, individuals, rushing in search of distraction or a break, of entertainment or even fulfilment, though enlightenment seems as unlikely at Euston as it is at New Street, who knows. The sense of teeming life, of abundance, but not far from fragility or the temporal as everyone in a tourist city station is passing through and even those who work here will be travelling some way to get home when they're done.
Is the sense to think, somehow, of the others? Not just to be sealed into your little freezer bag pocketed away from everyone else, even when they're next to you?
All the people will be different in the café or the fast food outlet in a few hours, let alone days, months, years (when all the outlets will be different if they're here at all). Nothing here that's worth keeping, hard to believe that any of this will be in somewhere like a history or archaeological museum in centuries to come.
Things seem more temporary than ever somehow, with polar caps melting and crazy weather across countries and continents. Life will always be short, but the rush of our lifestyles now seems to make this simple fact ever more obvious and harder for us to step aside for a moment to contemplate.

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