Monday, 27 August 2012

Culture !

London: National Gallery for Veronese, Titian, up to Pisarro, Sisley - both have some beautiful Winter scenes - and some van Gogh, Cézanne ("
Big Bathers as Pete and Dud put it :)).

Impressionist light very welcome after a thoughtfully put together show of Titian scenes from Ovid Metamorphoses, in the dark basement of the Sainsbury Wing.

National Portrait Gallery: London 2012 portraits of athletes and others linked with the Olympics, not least the Head of Catering who's had the biggest peace time catering operation since WW2.

British Museum - Horses through the ages, from early chariot days and the reverse-shot specialists to modern thoroughbreds.
Saudi sponsorship, HMQ too :)

Such wonderful collections altogether, Sutton Hoo remains from Anglo-Saxon England, the Elgin marbles now called the Parthenon sculptures and still disputed ownership...!

No upfront payments for any of the above: I kept away from the blockbuster paying exhibitions of Shakespeare or British writers at the BM or BL, excellent though I'm sure these are.

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