Saturday, 30 July 2011

On being international?

A day of folk from home and away (not the TV series).
Today I've been out to Warwick or their annual folk festival and hear folk from Northumberland to Ireland to Turkish influences on a young (and really excellent) duo on claw hammer banjo and harmonica(s).
This evening I was one of an audience in the MAC's outdoor arena, refreshingly unrefurbished from the old semi- in the round concrete of amphitheatre, stage and dance floor, so less corporate and open for the various dances of the Cajun band from Louisiana, the Savoy (pronounced Ça voit) Family Band. Mother leading on guitar, with intros on the background of the Creole (Afro-American) French and Cajun French of the songs. Father, expert on accordion and humour, and the two sons on fiddle and keyboards.
Altogether a super atmosphere and lots of couples dancing (the oldest couple leading the way).
I felt in some way taken into the wooden houses of Louisiana, the varieties of language, the physical closeness to but remoteness culturally from Texas, the heat and humidity.
In my home town and a place that's almost been a second home, I was taken around the world.
Home maybe is where you can be yourself, and part of self is sharing the worldwide, the international, the multiple cultures which make up cities and nations today, enjoying some openness and not feeling threatened.
We need a home, but we need to feel that the world is home.

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