Thursday, 7 July 2011

Barcelona time

Well, The city of Gaudí, Picasso (early years anyway), Miró, has to have more than a little going for it.
Add in sunshine, cacti, parrots, greenery and hillsides that semi-circle the Catalonian capital (be careful to remember that this isn't just in Spain, no more than Scotland is in the UK (or heaven forbid, England!;)).
The language looks intriguing, with it's "amb" for "with" and unexpected x-s, part way between French and Spanish but not either, so definitely its own.
We've had lovely wine and tapas in the Poble d'Espanyol in Montjuïc, likewise tapas near the Paralel metro station, and tonight at Aribau on Carrer de la Diputació near the main university square.
Alt Heidelberg near Universitat was a bit disappointing, despite the old furniture and promise of German beers.
The café Font de Gat near some of the Montjuïc museums has a delightful location in a courtyard above and below the verdant beauty of said hillsides.
More to come and pictures too!
Museums: Miró foundation, Perfume Museum, Archaeological Museum, Francisco Godia, Picasso Museum (devoted to his earlier years and development, showing his impressive grasp of technique and awareness of the tradition of the Old Masters. Gaudí's house in the rather wonderful curios of the Park Güell (Gaudí's patron), another source of leaves and shade above the sun-beaten metropolis. Botanical Gardens near the huge national art museum.


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