Sunday, 13 February 2011

An Eye on London -

Mother of Parliaments
Home of Democracy:
In the picture I took it seems small
On the river-bank
Shrunk by the opposite Eye.
The river wide-angles and tapers
Out to the narrow horizon.
The great wheel's only outsized by the broad empty silver-blue sky.
Some boats nudge beneath;
Commons and Lords lie down in the bright weekend sun.

The hundreds (or thousands?) seem far from here
Calling for freedom and waving their flags within Nelson's Trafalgar.
Red black and green and a symbol
And cheering
A banner
And waving.
Silence for those killed in Egypt by bullets or beatings.

Slowly the wheel-pods turn to the sky or down river again.
The crowds drift on by.

In the square, celebrations and dusk.

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