Sunday, 16 January 2011

Afternoon in the Apple cafe

Every table with a MacBook at it, one with 3 or 4 plus an iPad and (shock horror) a non-Apple laptop....
Guy behind me with the trendy white vest under grey open cardigan ... comparing notes on his phone .

My wife with an e-book reader.
In an independent new cafe in Brum, slightly off-centre (or that's what the Macfans think! :)

Feels like a scene from Private Eye's iBores cartoon strip. Everyone's alternative until they see everyone else being alternative too!

Huh. I'm sticking to my print book. My e-reader's at home! And I'm not looking at the iPod anyway, not until I've finished the next page ...

I read about a book called "I am not a gadget" by someone who'd turned his back on the world of electronic domination.

Maybe it's time to do that. Once I've finished this blog post on my netbook at home. But it's not Apple! No, it's cheaper and it shows. Doh!!

See this Birmingham Post article to read about new cafes in Brum.

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