Monday, 17 August 2009

Maddened by phone companies?

Currently maddened by a certain mobile phone/media company (run by a hairy guy from the 60s/70s, does something in trains and planes too): taking ages to get a replacement for a faulty phone.

Crazy systems. Turned out they'd given the delivery company an address I was last at in December 2005 ... but was still left on the computer...

And they still won't let me exchange at the shop: I only reported the fault more than 28 days after I bought the phone.
At one stage, phoning Customer Services, I had to find the shop details myself and give them to the hapless Virgin guy at the end of the phone, who couldn't apparently find it on his company's own website!!

Anyway, this is a much nicer scene, a wonderful apple pie baked by our kind friends Katherine and Dave. Thanks to both for a nice evening with them and Becky recently!

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