Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Deva Chester Walls Pubs Museum and a Zoo

Magical History Tour of Chester, a not-so-creaky old bus with some creaky old jokes in the fascinating commentary as we saw the sights of the city.

Left of the bus is the visitor centre, right off-picture St John's Church, actually more interesting than Chester Cathedral - and doesn't cost you to get in!! [No moneylenders/changers in the temple here]. Norman Arches, windows with key figures in Chester History, a reference to two possible Christian martyrs. Something coming up on the History Channel, the Vicar told us in person!

Other forms of transport around too - didn't try these though.

Decided against the horse-riding too, but did have a look at the Roodee Racecourse as we walked around the old walls of the city.

Watch out for the mean streets though ...

Stayed in a roomy, clean and decent hotel [Stafford] very near the Station, tasty egg on toast, handy for a trip to Port Sunlight on the Mersey link.

Very tasty food at the Old Coach House hotel/pub/restaurant near the town hall and bus station.

Camels, chimps, orang utans, tropical fish, Komodo Dragons, rhinos, elephants, penguins, people watching too... and another train trip, the mini-overhead rail round Chester Zoo. Bit pricey, but a great layout and intriguing to see the chimps and orang utans not being too distantly related ... and more intelligent behaviour than you'll see in the average city on a Saturday night down the pubs ...

More to come if you're lucky ?!

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  1. looks absolutely lovely, didn't know they had a zoo too. But perhaps yes, you are right, probably more civilised than the average pub drinker on a Saturday eve... I must make my friend from Chester to show me their city!