Sunday, 31 May 2009

Jon's Blog: Brum & Beyond

Weekend in Birmingham.

Showing a friend to some highlights!

Keywords: sun, parks, wallabies, Bach, real ale, Anglican, multi-cultured Britain, Sunday roast at the Museum and Matthew Boulton.

BACH: Goldberg Variations. Angela Hewitt. Town Hall. How does she remember all those notes ... and all in the right order. Seriously, this was a sublime concert. Beautifully poised, a light touch, sensitivity and ... I wish I could do more justice to the brilliance of composition and performance. Fred, Tim, Roger and Ann, saw you there, you made the right choice of evening too.

Catch Birmingham's Nature Centre on the Pershore Road, near Cannon Hill Park. The newly-arrived little Lemur. The Wallaby with tiny pouch tenant.

Picture: (Accessed 31/05/09)

Stroll through Cannon Hill Park, and a peaceful sunshiny day, Birmingham's minorities, majorities (and who cares which is which, we're all people) happily side by side just enjoying the weather and being outside. Perfect.

MATTHEW BOULTON: super exhibition at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, Gas Hall. A great Brummie who chanced his arm with finances and came good. And this exhibition's free too!
Try: (Accessed 31/05/09. Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, Matthew Boulton Exhibition, Gas Hall).

Sunday lunch at the Museum, the Tea Rooms. Mmmm.

Saturday tea was at the lovely little cafe in Gas Street Basin (the table is outside!) where there's real ale on draught as well as home-cooked food. Run by a friendly young French couple, merci
bien pour votre travail, j'espere que vous restiez ici encore quelques annees!

Just to show that life's not all Birmingham though, here's a clip from a funicular in Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany! Hold on for the ride ...

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